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Why was NWDGA formed?

Northwest Disc Golf Association (NWDGA) was created in late 2021 by a group of friends that wanted to contribute to the sport of disc golf.  After seeing how many courses are located in other areas across the nation they felt that the Seattle area could easily become a destination spot for disc golf if there were more high-quality courses available.   Not only that, they wanted to introduce more people to the rapidly growing sport of disc golf, especially youth.  

How does NWDGA build courses?

NWDGA works with local municipalities, such as cities and counties, to use public lands to build courses.  NWDGA's role is to raise money to purchase baskets, purchase tee pads, purchase signs, and contribute to land clearing when needed.


Who is involved with building courses?

NWDGA is comprised of a board of directors that will oversee the building and completion of courses.  Members of the board will oversee various committees and we are always looking for people to be part of our committees to help built courses.  If interested in being a part of a committee, being on the board of directors, or helping anyway you can, please reach out to us!  

What happens after a course is built?

Ideally we would like to turn over courses to a local club to maintain.  Local clubs would be in charge of hosting tournaments, leagues, maintenance, improvements, etc..  If you or someone you know would like to be in charge of one of our courses, please reach out to us. 

Is NWDGA a 501(c)(3)?

Yes we are!  And we are also a legal non-profit registered in the state of Washington.   

How does NWDGA raise money to build courses?

We rely on donations of the disc golf community to help us achieve our dreams of building courses.  We also work with businesses for donations, hold tournaments, hold leagues, and sell merchandise.  Nobody on the board or committees are paid and our overhead is minimal, so a large portion of donations goes directly into building courses.


Name: Brandon Bradshaw 

Position(s): President

Home course: Gaffney's Grove

Favorite NW Course: Tall Firs

Favorite Discs: Crave, Hades, Emac Truth

Day job: Investor


Screenshot 2022-01-05 153353.png

Name: Caleb Navarre

Position(s): Vice President

Home course: Gaffney's Grove

Favorite NW Course: Crystal Mountain

Favorite Discs: Sphinx, Firebird

Day job: Workforce Management & Forecasting at Boeing


Name: Derrick Peters

Position(s): Secretary

Home course: Gaffney's Grove

Favorite NW Course:  Hornings Hideout

Favorite Discs: Zone, Buzz, Thunderbird, Zeus

Day job: Human Resources


Name: Dave Welsh

Position(s): Treasurer

Home course: Gaffney's Grove

Favorite NW Course: Gaffney's Grove

Favorite Discs: Dracco, Firebird, Hades, Insanity, Berg

Day job: Emergency Room Physician Assistant


Name: Trevor Schneckloth

Position(s): Board Member

Home course: White River

Favorite NW Course: Lucky Mudd

Day job: Co-owner at Mando's


Name: Brian O'Connor

Position(s): Board Member

Home course: Seatac

Favorite NW Course: White River

Favorite Discs: Streamline Neutron Trace, MVP Wave

Day job: Owner/Operator Bok a Bok Chicken




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